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Rockbridge Consulting, LLC

Rockbridge Consulting, a div. of Rockbridge Services L.L.C., manages an affiliated partner network of experienced professionals who specialize in designing and integrating business information work-flow solutions in the areas of direct customer sales, service, marketing, project management and technical support. We adapt both custom and current open sourced web based applications and productivity enhancement tools for both small and mid sized businesses in the NY / NJ / PA Delaware Valley and regional areas to provide scalable business solutions.

Many people know from their own experience that it’s not easy to install an Apache Web server without expertise. It becomes even harder if you want to add MySQL, PHP, Perl, XAMP and others applications. Rockbridge can help you navigate these technologies for small businesses who need to expand their information technology but do not have the knowledge, budget nor desire to design and manage such systems in house.

consulting_bannerWe specialize in the areas of:

  • Small Business Work Flow Productivity Analysis
  • Website Hosting / Design & Maintenance (Rockbridge Designs and Rockbridge Hosting)
  • Online Customer Forums / Mailing List Generation
  • Social Networking Integration / Internet Marketing Software
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) / WordPress Custom Website Specialists
  • Customized / Specialized Business Productivity Applications
  • Scheduling Tools / Sales Tracking & eCommerce Systems for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

Contact Us for more information and visit our corporate website at

Rockbridge Consulting is a div. of:

Rockbridge Consulting is a div. of Rockbridge Services, LLC